Our Philosophy

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It all started when...

New York can be rough. We wanted to change that without changing where we lived so we ventured out to bring pieces of home decor, art, clothing & accessories which can be used in your apartments & worn outside to give you that tropical, relaxed feeling we know & love no matter where you live.

That's when we created  Livush.  A lifestyle brand not only bringing you exceptional & creative products but also content on where to go, what to do & weekly tips on various different topics that allow you to add even more peacefulness into your day to day routines.

Being that Miami is so close to New York City, many people travel there to get a quick break from the urban metropolis in which they live in- just to come back to their cramped apartments & the busy noise of the city all over again, forgetting the relaxed state in which they were in. So we took a lot of our inspiration from the architecture and prevalent culture that exists in Miami beach and mingling it with the culture of all the other countries and islands we've traveled too, plus adding a little middle-eastern flair which hails form our upbringing and family background. By adding little objects to your home or office, and putting on that extra accessory you can always have great memories & positivity surround you.


To the good times,