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Our philosophy

Inspired by Water


Livush is a lifestyle brand, blog & curated linen product retailer that is inspired by coastal living & world travel. Linen has always been a symbol of purity & righteousness making it the best fabric for explorers, travelers & the free spirited soul=searchers. Besides it’s symbolism, pure organic linen has been known for thousands of years to be one of the strongest fabrics (30% stronger than cotton) & temperature regulating. It can keep you warm in the winter by retaining your body’s heat but it what it’s most know for is it’s cooling properties in hot climates. Flax, which is what linen is made out of, is naturally natural anti-microbial and has a hollow inside that absorbs and traps moisture and lets it circulate- which instantly cools you off.

Linen is one of the most expensive garments on the market, the cashmere of warmer climates and has always been associated with wealth. Kings have been know to wear layered pure linen garments & and European socialites have taken on the linen trend for all their summer Holidays. There is nothing more luxurious yet casual than a great pear of blue jeans & a crisp white linen shirt with all it’s beautiful natural wrinkles.

It’s the fabric of choice for those who work, live or just enjoy the coast and we wanted to make it more readily available & at more affordable prices.


Earth-Friendly Practices

Almost all of our linens are organic & imported form Europe. organic flax is the most sustainable & can last for over 100 years if taken care of properly thus producing less waste vs fast fashion clothes that end up in the trash after a couple wears.


Responsible & Ethical

All Livush products are ethically sourced from factories that are sweat-shop free & contain no child labor. We want the energy tied to your clothing to be a happy & kind one, we can achieve that by making sure each item is made in a fair working environment.


At Livush we are able to give you the best pricing on pure linen products because we are a direct to consumer company. By eliminating traditional operation costs of brick & mortar retailers completely & only being available online, we can offer you the most competitive pricing in the market & the largest assortment.