How an Introvert ends up in Ibiza during July

Ibiza. I happened to come upon an article online that states Ibiza is likely to be the only place to sustain life after a nuclear explosion due to it’s great winds-seriously, it’s bullet two in the link below.,

I wanted to see just how great the air quality was on the island for myself, so I added this place as the first stop of my european excrusion. Because what’s better than gorgeous beaches and perfect air quality for summer Holiday?

Just kidding. That’s not why I chose to go to Ibiza. Being the only single girl from my old friend group & ultimately ending up “friend-less” two years ago once they've all found their matches and started their families- I set out to take a long European adventure that would make me look like I have everything under control ( I don't) and that I may be single but definitely enjoying myself (totally not). Anything to cover the fact that I was so lost confused and alone.


Just to make things clear,  I am the last person that would come to mind when thinking of Ibiza. I don't dance, the most you”ll see me move is in my all women’s Pilates class. I don't sing- in fact I barely speak as I'm horribly shy even after a couple drinks I am totally quiet. I've never “gone out” and had a wild night with friends (partially because I don’t have any & partially because my middle Eastern parents can hear of no such thing) in fact I'm an American kid who's never gone to a movie theatre before. Do they really sell popcorn? I don’t know!

I truley enjoy art and artists company, most who have the same introverted personality as I do. 

 always camera shy,

always camera shy,


But...... I also love house music, I LIVE for good house. I used to watch dj’s playing their sets at Ultra online and pretend I was there (thanks to my Beats noise cancelling headphones).  The energy of house music is just so mesmerizing, it elevates your soul and really puts you in a dream-like state. It’s like a different world where everyone is welcome. No matter your race, no matter your religion, no matter what country you’re from or what your past is, everyone unites together when it comes to house and you feel it. You feel so united with humanity and there’s no other feeling like it. It’s beautiful, powerful & vulnerable all at the same time.


I got hooked on house music initially from Pandora then turning to it as a source of escape from reality. Being a first generation American from Arabic/ Israeli/ Jewish roots, I had a hard time fitting in, making any friends & dealing with simple things. It was hard to find someone who can relate. I was severely bullied most of my years in middle school through the 11th grade so much that I've made it one of my priorities to distance myself from anything and anyone who reminds me of those years. But of my most pleasant memories from my school years were coming home from school and trying so hard to hold my tears back so my parents wouldn’t see, I would run to my room put on my beats headphones, shuffle through my music and all of a sudden I would be in a different place where heat didn’t exist.


I went to Ibiza to experience house music from the source surround myself in positive energy, in the place where it esentially all started, Ibiza.




ibiza drink

just  a beer over our private pool

Aliza Elias