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How an Introvert ends up in Ibiza during July


How an Introvert ends up in Ibiza during July

Aliza Elias

I happened to come upon an article while researching different popular European summer destinations that says apparently Ibiza is likely to be the only place to sustain life after a nuclear explosion due to it’s great winds- it really says that in bullet two in the real- life article below.,

I wanted to see just how great the air quality was on the island for myself, so I added this place as the first stop of my european excursion of Summer 2018. Because what’s better than gorgeous beaches and perfect air quality for a summer Holiday?

That’s not the real reason why I chose this place of all places to start my trip. I wanted to do something totally out of my comfort zone as an introvert so I chose the craziest possible place a human can visit during July…..and took my mom with me of course.

I am the last person that would come to mind when thinking of Ibiza. I've never “gone out” and had a wild night with friends (partially because I don’t have any & partially because my middle Eastern parents can hear of no such thing) in fact I'm an American kid who's never gone to a movie theatre before. Do they really sell popcorn? I don’t know! that’s why I thought this would be a really exciting first stop!

always camera shy,

always camera shy,


Besides taking risks, I also love house music. The energy of house music is indescribable. It’s like a different world where nothing matters and there’s no other feeling like it. It’s beautiful, powerful & vulnerable all at the same time. So the other part of me wanted to go just to experience house music from the source surround myself in positive energy, in the place where it essentially all started. You really don’t have to even leave your hotel to hear it and it’s always playing from 10AM until…pretty much all day I guess.

Our hotel, the Hard Rock Hotel in Playa den Bossa was pretty good, rooms were small but we did get upgraded to the room with private pool which was nice. Our resident DJ was Xicu Portas who is a native here and he was pretty amazing, he played one of my favorite Prok+Fitch songs one day that I didn’t know people even knew of yet which was pretty random and cool.

A in depth city guide & tips to follow!



ibiza drink

just  a beer over our private pool