Take A Break, Go See The Cherry Blossoms


The benefits of being outside in nature are numerous. Not only does nature & greenery lift moods, provide clean air & reduce stress- but studies have shown that being in the great outdoors- even for just up to 10 minutes a day- can have tremendous effects on our quality of sleep, focus & helps strengthen our immune system.

In Brooklyn, it tends to be harder to find some greenery- a park, a lake or a garden- close by vs. Manhattan where there is a public park or garden at nearly every mile. The best spot to see and absurd the serene beauty of the great outdoors in Brooklyn is nowhere else other than The Botanical Gardens. 

In the heart of Prospect Park, minutes form Park Slope & Williamsburg and a short ride in from Manhattan lies this beautiful Garden, an abode to rare flowers and plants & it's most famous resident there, the Cherry Blossom, will have you extending your visit for just a little longer.

For first timers (and anyone with little kiddos), you'll definitely want to walk through the entire park and see how beautiful each part is. The way each plant grows, even the different types of shrubs can be a terrific source of artistic inspiration whether it be for pattern designs, paintings, prints & even just to photograph as is. You also wouldn't want to miss out on smelling the delectable scent of a Korean Spice Verbena- it's enticing Ash wood , sweet floral scent had us standing there for a good fifteen minutes, taking in as much of it as we can (a three- gallon container of them is now en route to our home thanks to Home Depot). The Japanese Hill pond is just on more spot in the park you don't want to pass on (the park is HUGE & the Brooklyn Museum right behind it is one of the third largest Physical spaces in New York, not to mention their art collection is astonishing). The Hill Pond in the Botanical Garden contains more of the Cherry Blossom Trees as well as maple and a pond full of fish and turtles. Zen is the best word to describe it.

For anyone who's already been to to the park, Just sit in the Cherry blossom field, possibly under a tree or right beneath the sun and take in as much pure air as you can. The field is a great place to do yoga or meditate- release your mind of any unnecessary worries, unburden yourself from your problems. There is no better place to do that then here under the blue, sunny skies on top of the bright green grass and soft soil surrounded by an abundance of delicate, fluffy powder pink cherry blossoms. There's a reason these beautiful plants are extremely significant in Japanese culture & it's not only because they do grow in Japan. Th reason they are highly celebrated when blooming & people come form all round to visit is because the Cherry Blossom teaches a very dear life lesson, it's a living example of this lesson as well.

-Just like the Cherry Blossom is so beautiful & delicate- so too, life is beautiful delicate and fragile & just like the Cherry Blossoms have a short blooming season before they wither away and disappear, life also is short and can be taken at any time- so continue fulfilling or finding your purpose in life with whatever life has handed you or has sent your way. Nothing else matters besides feeling fulfilled and content with the life you are living.

There is no better place for unwinding, relaxing and design making than right here with the Cherry Blossoms, they are a kind a friendly wake up call or motivator to keep you on the right track in life. So next time, try asking a break even for just a couple minutes & visiting the Cherry Blossoms- they will leave you more uplifted than when you had arrived.