The Rumors Are True.

Yoga at Sunset

Everyone needs yoga, yes even you. Why? We've compiled a list of reasons for you to just consider giving this overly- popular workout a try, our main reason? The perfect cure for those pestering migraines.

Here's what else we found out yoga is great for:

  • Building long leaner muscle (no more bulky chicken legs).
  • Reducing stress & anxiety- making it a great quick exercise you should do before heading out to work so you can put yourself in a clean mindset.
  • Building muscle strength. How? When you find yourself trying to hold in your pigeon pose for a flat 30 seconds you'll understand.
  • Improves balance (both physical & mental).
  • Defies gravity, so many researchers find it to be an anti- aging technique to prevent sagging skin & muscles.
  • Detoxes the brain of negativity
  • Helps you unwind cramps muscles thus a great exercise to get rid of lingering migraines due to tension.

Leave the stress of work or a busy day behind you with a quick 10 minute daily yoga routine. It can transport you to a parallel universe and help you handle your next given event or day with more patience & a positive attitude.

Our favorite classes?

None. Yoga is better done individually not in a class due to it being a personal journey of connection the body & soul. It's hard to achieve that when surrounded by people & stimulants around you. Living in NYC, we found that yoga is best practiced in a dimly lit (or candle-lit) room which you are very familiar with vs. heading out to large studio space or the noisy outdoors. Fill that space, or corner, with some greens & healing crystals to give it a nature inspired vibe- this grounds your practice even more & try cracking the window open very slightly to let some air in.

When given the chance, nothing beats a great yoga session on the beach during sunset. Try keeping a tab of your favorite sequence & give it a try on your next vacation or trip!

For some great at home yoga videos which really put you at ease, Boho Beautiful has great instruction with excellent starting mantras to get you in the right mindset.