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about the founder


About the Founder

Aliza Elias, a Brooklyn native, started building Livush in 2015. After many trips with to the east coast’s breathtaking Miami Beach, she fell in love with the relaxed yet glamorous seaside culture & it’s focus on mindfulness, it was & still is, a sanctuary for New Yorkers. She wanted to create a brand that exuded coastal living that can also be relevant in big cities, so you can always have memories of the ocean, the beauty of the coast, with you wherever you are, fused into your daily life. Being that most millenials do have home bases in two cities nowadays, she knew it was a concept that many would be able to relate to.

Aliza had started out as an intern and then sales executive for a large housewares wholesaler in New York at the young age of 16, at times skipping school so she can come to the office. It was then that she learned about business first hand. After graduating high school, she started to work there full time. Being that her life passion was always art, she started offering to help with the company’s art projects during her free time, often not knowing how to complete them but staying up all night until she learned how to. Her background of business & art then led her to become the company’s Creative Director at just 20 years old, designing the company’s first ever online & print catalog, directing their first out-sourced photoshoots, designing an e-commerce platform, social media graphics/ videos, ads that have appeared in print magazines & more. After adding her touch to other’s products & items, she wanted to create a brand that fully consisted of her personal aesthetic & artistic vision.

Being multi-cultural with middle eastern parents, she is passionate about travel & travels whenever she has the chance, learning things from new cultures she encounters & tries to incorporate them into her life & brand. The Livush blog was created as a resource for others who are also passionate about travel, filled with tips & city guides based on her firsthand experience. A lot of the curated linen pieces were inspired by her trips to places like Mykonos Greece, Ibiza, & Capri that are a perfect blend of “hippie” & “sophisticated”.

Sustainable, responsible & ethical sourcing is also very important so Livush is and will always be sweat-shop free & as sustainable as possible.